This is where you'll find all our long lost video clips that we've uploaded to YouTube at one time or another... including our little home-made music videos that not many people have seen and some extremely obscure student films from our pre-OOB days!

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The Fool On The Hill

"Never before in the history of popular music has such a sweet song been made so utterly creepy..!" - Lloyd.

B1 Bomber

Again, digging deep into the archives, this is one of Dan's first 4-track songs. Play loud!! Just make sure the kids, your boss, and anyone else offended by the f-word aren't within earshot - as this song contains a bit of that... it's a catchy tune though, you will find yourself humming it at inappropriate times!

The Origin Of Ka Ka Cat

Another treat culled from the Out Of Bodies archives - one of Dan Banic's earliest films - The Origin of Ka Ka Cat, featuring another surprise from even deeper in the archives, a rare Out Of Bodies "lost" track, "Green Tangerine"! My favorite line from the song... "Mongrels... ask no questions!!..." Even though I have no idea what it means.

Beautiful Sun

Freshly dug up from deep within the OOB archives and recently made into a video by Donald - this song quickly became Joe's dad's favorite! Dan recalls, "If I remember correctly, this demo was part of session where I was trying out my drum machine for the first time. I do remember I did a few quick tunes in one take but the best one I liked was this one, which I did earlier as 4 track song." Upon seeing the video for the first time Dan said "GREAT GREAT JOB Donald , Loved the OBE Cartoon Shirt drawing o me , Ha Ha !!!"

PS I Love You

An interesting cover of the Beatles' "PS I Love You" where Dan noticeably changes the mood and sound of it considerably from the original. "Dan came over once with his 4-track machine and this song was on it. We had just finished a long day of recording, and almost as an afterthought he brings this one up and asked me to do the vocals, which I did." recalls Donald. "But it was what he did once he got it back home that floored me. The next time I heard it, not only had he added his own backing vocals but he added this sort of Cha Cha sounding keyboard part, and something that sort of sounds like a cowbell. Turned it from a fairly straight forward cover to something that was more Dan! This quickly became my wife Lori's favorite Out Of Bodies tune - fact she like's it better than the Beatles version - how 'bout that!"

Satan's Boat

If this song with it's newly added Hieronymus Bosch-like vision of Hades doesn't scare the crap out of you and set you straight on the righteous path to heaven's gates - then NOTHING will! Donald recalls "One night at Dan's he played this for me and I completely freaked out - I love it when Dan lets himself get all bluesy... he didn't have all the lyrics worked out so I helped with that a bit - but Dan had all the instrumentation recorded in it's complete form - and by the nights end he had another great song in the can. It has that old, down South blues record vibe to it - warning everyone to steer clear of that ole' Satan! It's a little spooky, but it should be - don'cha think? Then when I edited the video portion, which was culled from a stop-motion film made in 1934 by French film-maker Wladyslaw Starewiczmade, I made sure to include the part where the little puppy in the clip gets away - I think Dan would appreciate that part... that even at a ball thrown by Satan himself somehow good still manages to outsmart evil."

My Way Home

Another great find from the archives, this was found (and almost missed) among the many cassette tapes devoted to the comedy recordings of Lloyd & Donald. "From time to time, inbetween comedy bits, we were known to fool around on guitar just to switch it up a bit" recalls Donald.

Lloyd recalls "I remember that when we were tracking additional vocals for "My Way Home," there are all these pregnant pauses in the song, which are both hard to time, and kinda ridiculous. Every time we came to one of them it was all we could do to not crack up and ruin the whole thing!"

I Can Help - Sketch

A quick, made for YouTube clip by Dan. He explained on his page, "Another comedy gem from The Out Of Bodies. Dan Ban busy trying to record his music while his buddy Donald Jeff calls him on the phone. Jerry our favorite dummy makes a guest appearance too. There is a long audio version of the song from this video which is actually me (Dan) doing Billy Swans "I Can Help" ( Classic hit from 1974 ). It's a great studio cover version I did."

Life Upon A Stream

Donald recalls, "Sometimes when we'd hang out together we'd bring with us this little super 8 film camera - for little to no apparent reason, other than we knew we'd probably be shooting something artsy fartsy that day, wherever we ended up going. Where we ended up that day was Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The "Life Upon A Stream" clip was originally backed with another song - but Dan's "Stream" seemed to fit better with what we shot, so I changed it a little bit. I also remember that day we shot some hilarious footage of us doing some really corny over-acting - like a serious drama or something that somehow results in us doing suicide jumps from the Pavilion towers. I think Joe's got that footage somewhere."

"By the way Joe is a really, really big fan of the New York World's Fair and those near sacred grounds that once held great promise, but now stand neglected, crumbling and silent. He can tell you all sorts of things about it."