The Comedy of Lloyd & Donald

These are recordings, that for the most part, were done for our own self-amusement, as we indulged into one of our most favorite pastimes - our own "theater of the mind" - which was never intended to be shared with the outside world. We'd often mimic things we'd ourselves enjoy watching or listening to as kids - classic TV comedy (i.e. The Abbott & Costello Show), serial radio programs (E.J. Marshall's Mystery Theater), or Monty Python - but mostly, it seems, we'd rely heavily on our own relentless fixations - which were apparently senile old people, amputee vets, hyperactive kids and people inflicted with Elephantitis. On second thought maybe these things SHOULDN'T be shared with the outside world - but no no no... We've decided (well, I decided anyway) that if it makes US laugh, well... maybe others might enjoy it too - even if they don't fully understand it. So with that in mind, you might as well click on the players below,,, there's no turning back now...

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French Restaurant - 2:28

Bedtime Story - 1.01

Grandma's Shit Chips - 1:36

The Hypnotist - 1:54

Uncle Sleazo Radio - 4:46

Preparation Buttock - 1:15

Father and Son - 6:02

Elephantitis Is a Crippling Disease - 3:24

Grampa Chews Gum - 3:02

Teeth - 5:03

Polish Polka - 1:33

Opera Night - 1:55

I Rot Away - 1:30

Grandma's Shit Chips (The Return) - 5:26

Rubber Ducky - 3:00

Big Legged Emma - 0:25

Vets in Love - 4:16

Radio Time With Esteban - 3:25