by Mark DeGross

Here's a little story I told Don during one severe winter storm when my wife and I had a matchbox apartment on a boulevard in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn at 2 am...

I awoke to the sound of my intercom buzzer blaring loudly, and when I answered, amidst the blizzard caterwauling in the background, I hear a guy with a thick Polish accent ask " Do you have goot shavel??"... I replied " Whaat???" He repeats again - "Do you have goot shavel??" I say no, and go back to bed.

To this day, I wonder how that joker randomly picked MY buzzer to press... Don always teases me with that. LMAO!!!

Donald: Likewise, I always wonder what happened to that guy BECAUSE he didn't supply him with "goot shavel" - - Hah hah hah!!