by Joe Vento

Dan used to eat dinner over my house quite often. My dear mother, God rest her, used to make all sorts of snacks, Italian dishes, whatever. When Dan ate over, he use to put his dish in the bright sun to absorb radiation and polarize the food. He claimed that due to the Earth's tremendous magnetic fields, the dinner would be energized and even taste better. Gee, I wonder if my mom knew about this as she was slaving over that hot oven for hours trying to cook us a good meal.

Well, after the food was baked in the midday sun, Dan would take this metal retangular box and hold it over the ruined food. He said this took away the toxins and such out of my mom's deadly poisonous fare. My father is still scratching his head over those days, but I'll still always wonder about Dan's curious take on home cooking.