Channel 7 broadcast June 1974-76...

by Joe Vento

When Dan Banic, Donald Jefferes and I were kids the one thing that would totally terrify us is when our local Channel 7, ABC TV here in N.Y.C. would run the movie classic Night Of The Living Dead. They would usually show it about 1:00am or sometimes midnight, and what I remember being the most frightening thing, was waiting all day to see it! You see my friends, we were and still are, scared to death of this movie, so every time we knew it was being broadcast, we were in a sense, biting our nails waiting for the witching hour.

ABC TV use to run the worst print they could find, but that made it more frightening, and since this was the era before video tapes, it was a rare event to see it anyway! Donald and I would have bad nightmares after seeing the movie, thinking maybe that lock on our basement door wasn't strong enough to hold off a few zombies! Danny and I use to freak out, because channel 7 use to run commentary in between the commercials with a live announcer really panning the film, saying things like the movie looked like it was filmed on 40 year old army stock and that the sound must have been recorded at the bottom of an empty swimming pool!

ABC TV also did something very strange during the scenes in which the news broadcasts are reporting that the recently dead have been returning to life. At the bottom of your TV screen the words "A Dramatization" would appear each time they would show the news guy doing his report. I remember even seeing it during the scenes where they would show you a "filmed report" of the sherrif's men shooting ghouls or the Washington D.C. sequence when they mention the Venus probe. Again, the words "A Dramatization" would appear and scare the living CRAP out of three 13 year olds, who were, by the way, convinced (courtesy of late night TV) that dead bodies were getting up from morgues, funeral parlors and the local cemetery and heading right for our house!

We wouldn't have it any other way!!