It started out a really quite ordinary most morning's usually do. This was a special morning though, it was Veteran's Day...when we remember, reflect, share memories with each other. Most of all, we remember that "greatest generation" who put their lives on the line so that we could live in freedom and in peace. But not me. This morning Lady Elaine Fairchilde kicked my ass to the curb, and suddenly a dark cloud appeared on the horizon. I think it's the eyes, because she never changes that expression... I mean she could be tearing out your liver and it would still be that regal, peaceful demeanor. Perhaps it's the hair... every catholic school nun had hair like this, when you could see it that is. I think that may be it... Lady Elaine seems to remind me of those mean catholic school nuns. Maybe it's the nose... that long, red punch and judy nose, that the mere mention of course would get you killed, so never mention that nose. It had to be what has to be the CREEPIEST of all Mr, Roger's crazy puppets.

This image is what was sent to me this morning to celebrate this great day... and it's what sent me to sleep tonite, as it apparently wasn't enough that I was traumatized through lunch. I hate Lady Elaine Fairchilde for many reasons, and ruining my dinner isn't one of them. I hate the way she holds her felt hands that way..STOP IT... I hate the way you can't understand a word she says sometimes... STOP IT... I hate how she can't grasp anything and someone usually has to pick stuff up for her like a servant... STOP IT. I hate that she found a place for herself in that damm kingdom and could the trolley roll round anymore. STOP RINGING THOSE BELLS!!! It's almost 10:30 and time for bed, I'll try to remember once again what this day really means to us all. As I drift into sleep, I'll try my best not to think of her... it's damm hard not to..but I must try. Are you also having dreams about her? Were you affected by this today too? I will always hate Lady Elaine Fairchilde. God help us all.

Joey Vento for Ponderings.
Veterans Day - November 11, 2013