1964/65 World's Fair Lights Discovered
in Orange County, NY

Wonder what ever happened to those distinctive multi-colored street lights from the 1964-65 New York Word's Fair? Well, people who remember things like this can look no further than Orange County, NY - for here lies our baby boomer past. After the fair closed, many of the buildings, statuary and other relics were bought out by collectors or organizations. The Sinclair dinosaurs went on a mid-west tour and then found their way to various museums and parks. Disney's "Its A Small World" found a new home in Disney World in 1973. The giant Uniroyal Tire that served as a ferris wheel during the fair now sits on the Interstate in Detroit, and hey - it still looks cool!

The World's Fair street lights were the ultimate in futuristic design, and hundreds covered the fairgrounds. They were all color-coded so you would know what section of the fair you were walking in. Now, these wonderful survivors of the 60s can be found at the Orange County Fairgrounds, in beautiful Middletwon, NY. At night, they are lit just like they were all those years ago at Flushing Meadow. Some people say that if you close your eyes, stand beneath one of the brightly colored street lights, and think real carefully, you might hear "A Hard Days Night"!

Note: To see the World's Fair street lights, take the NYS Thruway West to the Middletown Exit. Follow signs for the Orange County Fairgrounds.