The Incredible Encounter of Doctor Smash

by Jzero at age 16

I remember on my way to a monster mash
the incredible encounter of Doctor Smash.

He wore a metal mask of red.
I looked at him, but he looked dead.

His clothes were torn and stained with blood.
The boots he wore were dipped in mud.

"Come, Felix! Come", he screamed out loud.
"Let's get there first before the crowd!"

This Felix was a little guy.
A hunchback with a purple tie.

"You guys are going too?", I said
"Why yes! I think!" He slapped his head.

"My mind's a fickled thing, you see -
but that's the way it's always been!"

We all hopped on a giant bat
and made it there in seconds flat!

"We can't go in by using doors -
With style!" he yelled "You use the walls!"

"I'll use my head and smash the bricks -
cause this is how I get my kicks!"

When we went in we looked around.
The place was still with not a sound.

Then out of closets, desks and things -
popped guys with scales and bumps and wings!

They screamed and ran about the room -
while some old bag jumped on a broom.

"Oh splendid!" then yelled Doctor Smash -
"I think I'll join this monster mash!"

"You know, those guys look awfully real!"
"We are!" said a banana peel.

Now I myself, a monster fan
knew this was the invisible man!

Then someone rang the dinner bell.
The wolfman howled a wolfman yell.

"Let's eat!" said Drac, "Hope it's not steak!"
Then Felix said "It's Shake N' Bake!"

You should've seen the slobs that ate.
"Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop! That's just the bait! -

We'll take this pole and use this hook -
and catch us a big fish to cook!"

"That Doctor Smash is one cool dude! -
You wait and see - he'll get us food!"

"What style! What grace! He cannot fail!
Then mummy screamed "He caught a whale!"

"He caught a whale? That's hard to do!"
"He caught it in the bathroom too!"

A bunch of roaches scattered by
with coffee, cake and apple pie.

They served some jelly beans and toast.
The took the whale to cook and roast.

They tied it up so it would bake -
but tied up Felix by mistake!

"Ugh! What's that smell?" the Wolfman cried.
"It smells like my pet rat just died!"

The fire roared and Felix screamed.
The mash went on and the full moon beamed.

The mummy danced and did the Twist.
Franky stomped and the Gill Man hissed.

And Doctor Smash was drinking Coke.
He thought it was a funny joke.

"Oh what a gas! Oh what a fright! -
I could go on like this all night!"

As Doctor Smash yelled out this phrase
he swung above the monster maze.

They danced and sang and Felix burned.
And someone said, "He must be turned!"

And when they ate they smiled with glee.
A chuckle here and tee hee hee!

As Felix was shared and passed around
the laughter swayed, and twinkled and wound.

And since that day, there's never been.
A Doctor Smash, quite as smashing as him!

Except Felix doesn't think so.

- The End