Special thanks to Bob Gibson, the artist who created the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour comic book back in 1967- without whom, this story would not have been.... uhh, obviously!

Jzero's Sketchbook presents

The Kittles Magical Mystery Tour!
(An obvious parody of the Beatles Magical
Mystery Tour - with a feline twist!)

The Kittles were a concept of two High School chums back in the 70s, who took their admiration of the Fab Four to the extreme. Through drawings, comic strips, home made recordings and a "Teen Beat" type of magazine they sold during recess, they transformed their idols into cats - gave them their own bizarre origin, and coined the phrase "Kittlemania"...

A case of cold feet nixed the idea of sending an issue of The Kittles to John Lennon in 1979. The question "what if he hates it/what if he loves it?" was never answered - but eventually, The Kittles resurfaced again in F.A.B. Magazine, a self-published Beatles fanzine that was published from 1987 to 1997 - and became an instant hit with Beatle fans as far away as Christchurch, New Zealand! (Hello, Terry!)

"The Kittles - Magical Mystery Tour" was but one of these appearances - which was originally published in black and white. It appears here - for the first time - lovingly embellished in eye-popping full-color splendor, for you to enjoy! Look for more Kittles appearances announced periodically at the club!


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